What to bring to your semen freezing appointment

Copy of the dogs registration certificate– This certificate will remain in the medical record and proves ownership of the dog.

Rabies and Brucellosis Certificates-Please provide proof of current Rabies vaccination. A Brucellosis certificate that shows a negative result within the past 6 months is required for all samples we freeze. If your stud has not been tested recently, we can perform a test in house the day of your appointment.

Copy of DNA profile-A DNA sample can be obtained at the of semen freezing appointment. Most breed associations require a DNA analysis in order to register puppies that are produced from the frozen semen.

Teaser– It is advised to bring a teaser bitch in estrus if possible. If you do not have one available, please let us know as we can help find one for you.

Please note: If you are planning to have the frozen semen shipped out of the country, please plan ahead. Every country has their own requirements for testing and timelines may vary for each.