“I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful resource here in NH. I rely on Dr. Berry and Dr. Norris as part of my team; I couldn’t do what I do without what THEY do. The Repro techs/nurses are wonderful, too, and I have a couple puppies who owe their lives to Calla’s effort. Broadview has helped me through every step of some breeding’s, performed C sections – both planned and unplanned – helped save a litter in a female whose progesterone was dropping prematurely, pyometra treatments. It is such a relief to have a veterinary practice that works WITH a Breeder. Both Dr. Berry & Dr. Norris whom I have worked with extensively over the last couple years, have always been available for every question, & discussion I needed to have. Someone ALWAYS comes to the phone or gets back to me in a timely manner. I receive follow up contact EVERY time. The care of animals and owner is top notch.”
Karen S.

“Every question answered, every concern taken seriously and professionally. I love that they are so supportive and have a top notch team and equipment. Best place ever for breeders. They always keep improving with the inclusion of same day progesterone results and 45 minute Brucellosis reports. When you add several choices for artificial insemination and amazing customer service, I wish I could give Broadview ten stars!”
Joyce T.

“We and our Siberian cats had a great visit today. The veterinarian and technicians were friendly and easy to talk to. They answered all of our questions. We will be back with our litter of kittens soon!”
Jeff & Becky W.

“Dr. Mike and the reproduction technicians are the best around. Whether by phone, email, text messaging, they are constantly on top of the situation. The field is very demanding of one’s time, and all of these folks give (and have given) constant attention to my needs. If I reach out to contact Broadview, I receive a response and a plan within 10 minutes. The turn-around time is off the charts! I’ve used several reproduction hospitals from the east coast to the Midwest and I stand behind my statement that Broadview ranks #1.”
Susan E.

“Trusted and so good at what they do 🙂 Flexible to the client’s schedule and do whatever it takes to help!”
Patti C.